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K P O & B P O training

BPO's and KPO's in India are front runner in providing employment to the youth in India. BPO's have enabled the youth in India to face on their feet, be it young graduates, faculty drop outs or house wife's trying to restart their career. the single most significant attribute during a BPO is the art of communication. Communication isn't simply the fluency of a language, however the art of transferring information effectively. each company wants a customer support team, a sales team, a technical support team etc. BPO's consider these candidates. A BPO is the back bone of each organization and plays a significant role in it's growth.

Back office & front office Training

This training course teaches you the way to effectively improve the management, efficiency and performance of your treasury & bank back office operations.
A good training program ensures that errors are reduced as a result of the procedures are explained and incontestible. planning and developing a educational program for front office staff includes identifying the tasks performed by the front office, making ready step - by - step procedures for every task, determinative who can train employees, administering the training program, and reviewing the steps within the training method.

Pharma sales & management Traning

Advance certification in Sales Management is conceptualized with vision to make effective Sales Professionals for pharmaceutical company business. This course offers practical knowledge of the functionalities of sales Manager with practical exposure.

Banking & Financial management Training

Increased quality and changes in Banking and Finance business demands a complete new generation of banking and finance professionals. Post Graduate diploma in Banking and Finance is innovative, comprehensive and prepares future banking and finance professionals. This program not only provides participants the information of operational aspects of banking and finance however additionally builds on their social control and technical skills. there's a stress on modern practices like micro Finance and global perspective in Banking and Finance, which can provide insights into the present industry trends.