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MEVRICK DEABAYAN ACADEMY is a structured establishment complete in all aspects that provides quality guidance for teachers and Competitive communication whose sole motto is to provide quality education with care, guidance and inductive atmosphere.
MEVRICK DEABAYAN ACADEMY team includes of extremely knowledgeable and experienced teaching consultants. it's unique technique of teaching during which easy techniques, timely completion of programme and stressing on very important areas is accompanied with well planned check series and regular assessment of performance through regular unit check throughout classroom teaching session.
We actually began to build a difference within the way Students suppose and approach issues. we began to develop ways in which to enhance Students? it was the urge, the compelling want, to always aim for perfection and in the process, incessantly keep on setting newer benchmarks of excellence, which enabled us and our Students to realize what we've got achieved.
We are a team of people who have a passion for education; our entire focus is on the ability development of our students and on helping the students take the correct career decision.